Climate Fiction

Post-apocalyptic fiction

Climate change is the ultimate communications challenge. For many years climate communications focused on the underlying science. More recently there’s been a growing focus on storytelling as a means of climate communications. Climate fiction (CliFi) is a relatively recent genre of climate storytelling.

I’ve been following the evolving Climate Fiction (CliFi) genre for several years. But what IS CliFi? And what is its role (if any) in advancing the cause of climate change mitigation? Was the meaning and significance of CliFi already in doubt when the media began referring to the remake of Godzilla as a CliFi movie? And what is the significance of Amazon entering the CliFi fray with its its Warmer Collection series of CliFi books?

This climate change micro-website exploring Climate Fiction is extracted from the Climate Web, an open-access climate knowledge solution, and the closest thing today to a collective climate intelligence. Climate Fiction is one of hundreds of climate-relevant topics you can explore via the Climate Web. Based on the work of thousands of experts, the Climate Web facilitates access to the actionable knowledge individuals, companies, and policy-makers need for their climate change decision-making.

NOTE: Think of this micro-site as a “draft.” The goal of the Climatographers is to facilitate access to actionable cllimate knowledge. We’ve organized a lot of information in this micro-site, reflecting the large amount of information organized in the Climate Web itself. That said, we’re not at all sure this and related information couldn’t be organized a lot more effectively for the audience most likely to be interested in this micro-site. We’d welcome your suggestions and even your involvement in advancing the goals of this site.

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